Russian Tourism in Phuket and Thailand

Comparing to couple years back, it is correct to say the number of Russian tourist visiting Phuket has been dropped down dramatically due to great devaluation on their currency. The good news is, recently the numbers are getting better. As of 2016, Russian tourists have brought/spent about 30 Billion Thai Baht.


More than half of the total Russians visiting Thailand prefer Phuket. 51% to be precise. Pattaya is the second most visited place in Thailand by Russians, Bangkok follows these two.


Russian currency still hasn’t been recovered to explain this increase on Russian tourist. But the temporary political crisis between Turkey and Russia, and the Metrojet crush in Egypt in 2015 made Phuket more popular choice among Russian travellers.


Number of Russian arrivals made its peak in 2013 with almost 2 Million tourists. This number decreased dramatically last couple years. But in 2016 increased to 1.2 Million. By the look of the Russian Rubles trend and the increase on the oil prices, it might be accurate to say 2017 will be better in terms of the number of Russian tourist visiting Thailand.


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